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Our first garden project in Kitty, Gambia

We are an association that supports the promotion of self-help projects for people in Africa. The projects primarily focus on sustainability and the fastest possible transfer of responsibility to local actors. 

Hand in Hand eV was founded in 2014 and since then has successfully completed numerous agricultural projects. Giving local people a perspective and the opportunity to improve their livelihood by growing fruit and vegetables is our main focus. There is nothing worse than suffering from hunger and thirst. Through many statistics we know how many people die from malnutrition.

With your support, we want to give more families and villages access to clean water. For us, water is as normal as the air we breathe, but a rare commodity in many parts of the world.

Our work in Germany and our visits in the country are financed by our members, so that 100% of membership fees and donations benefit the projects in Africa.




Travel group brought joyful news to Jinack Island!

An island turns green.

Vor-Ort-Termin in Missiranding


The first plants are growing

Happy faces in Missiranding

Vor-Ort-Termin in Missiranding


Hurray, we have water.

The garden in Missiranding can start!

Vor-Ort-Termin in Missiranding
Urgently needed materials

In order for us to continue to advance our projects, we need the following materials urgently:

  • Pump

  • Borehole

  • Fence

  • Solar Panels

  • Sand (for water basin and water tower)

  • Cement (for water basin and water tower)     

You can also state any materials as the reason for your payment when donating.

Are you still looking for a suitable gift!     
Donate an orange tree

Then give away an orange tree.

With the purchase of an orange tree, you support our project work in The Gambia and also give away a unique and personal gift. We would be happy to prepare a corresponding certificate for the orange tree. For this we need the name of the recipient and the number. Send us the data via email. Use ourcontact form

Have fun giving!

The donated orange trees are planted on the beds in the garden projects and tended by the families. On the one hand they serve as sun protection and on the other hand the fruits are sold on the market. The proceeds are transferred to an account and possible repairs to solar panels, pumps, fences, etc. are financed from it. 

They are therefore not dependent on any further support from the Hand in Hand e.V. association.

Contact us

Thank you for your message.

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