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We introduce ourselves

Hand in Hand e.V. was founded in 2014 and since then has successfully completed numerous agricultural projects. Giving local people a perspective and the opportunity to improve their livelihood by growing fruit and vegetables is our main focus. There is nothing worse than suffering from hunger and thirst. Through many statistics we know how many people die from malnutrition.
We want with her Support provide access to clean water to more families and villages. For us, water is as normal as the air we breathe, but a rare commodity in many parts of the world.

Our work in Germany and the stays in the country are financed by our members themselves, so that 100% of membership fees and donations benefit the projects in Africa.

We are an association that die Support  and the promotion of self-help projects for people in Africa.

In the projects, the focus is in particular on sustainability and the fastest possible transfer of responsibility to the local actors.

Our team

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Club chairman



Kerstin Gebhardt

Manager in Gambia

Local Manager


Pa Malang Saidy

Deputy chairman of the club

Deputy chairman



Partner association in Gambia

Farm for Change Association (FFCA)

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