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An island turns green,
Jinack Island

The approximately thirteen-kilometer-long narrow and 700-meter-wide island is located north of the town of Barra and extends to the border of Senegal. The side facing away from the sea is separated from the mainland by the 50-meter-wide Bolong (river), so that one can hardly speak of an island. There are extensive mangrove forests on all of the waters.

The village elder contacted our local manager some time ago, explained the dramatic situation and asked for support. In the spring of 2023, our club president looked at the local conditions and discussed the next steps with the village elder. We made no promises because we still had an ongoing project. We only start a project when the financing is in place.

At the end of February 2024, we were able to bring the families of Jinack Island the joyful news of their own family garden. At the time, a trip organised by Kerstin for a range of sponsors and reports was on site, which delivered the news. The joy was huge. The land of 150 x 150 meters was fenced in no time.

By the end of March, the fence construction work was completed and at the beginning of April, water gushed from the 30-meter-deep borehole. The depth was necessary because salt water still lies at 25 meters. The four villages that belong to the island are very far from any tourism and the local markets. Even for clean drinking water, long distances must be covered every day. We are even more pleased that water is finally gushing. For the remaining work such as water tanks, water tower and the cultivation of the beds to be completed by the end of the year, we still need your support. With only 5 euros as start-up capital for seeds, you can support the families. We buy it directly on site and thus also support the local market. Please take action now. Donate and lets come together. 

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