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My most impressive experience

I was in Gambia for the first time and accompanied my wife, who is a member of the club and always talked so much about the projects.

My most impressive experience

Jens Fuge

I was in The Gambia for the first time and accompanied my wife, who is a member of the association and has always told me so much about the projects. My first time in Africa, if you leave out Tunisia from 30 years ago, and the opportunity to have many questions answered that moved me. How often did we discuss at home why the black continent just couldn't get on its feet? I am not an absolute “newbee”, because I spent a lot of time in Cuba, which is by no means the same, but offers many similar starting points. I didn't get all the answers in The Gambia, but I did see and experience some things that made it easier for me to understand.

Many things were new, some were nice, some not so much. The police roadblocks, the traditional compounds, the fishermen on the beautiful beach, our really great accommodation by the sea, the craftsmen's workshops - all powerful impressions. What concerned and ultimately impressed me the most was the fact that not every young person raved about Europe uncritically, but was already thinking about what they could do locally to make ends meet. I mean, I know many people who were more uncritical of the West in the GDR! Of course, everyone loves the idea of coming to Germany, but word has long since gotten around that it's not all plain sailing. That was an important realization for me, which encouraged me to do more for the local people. The best way to do this is with an association like “Hand in Hand”. Honest and hard work on the ground, with sense and understanding, without losing donations for non-association purposes. That's my idea of meaningful help for Africa!

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