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Travel group brought joyful news to Jinack Island!

10. März 2024

An island turns green.

In mid-February, a larger group set off for Gambia. The itinerary of the trip included visiting already completed projects, getting to know the culture and people, and bringing the joyful news to the residents of Jinack Island.

The trip to the island was adventurous for the group. One could get an idea of the hardships when one has to go to the market or just fetch water every day. The joy of the women and men was overwhelming when the contract with the village elder was sealed with a handshake on the land to be cultivated. Less than three weeks later, the men started fencing in the two-hectare area and in early April they were happy about the bubbling water. All of this happened at a breathtaking speed. This shows how important the garden is to them. It was a good and right decision to support the project here.

Every participant of the group on site could see for themselves that the donations are well used and the projects are going well. In Germany, we started the process of collecting money for seeds. The collected amount was spent on seeds on site. Thus, the money helped support the local economy.

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