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The first plants are growing

6. Jan. 2024

Happy faces in Missiranding

On December 27th, 2023, a small group of members and supporters set off for Gambia. We wanted to find out about the status of the projects and show the "newcomers" the sights and culture of Gambia.

On January 6, 2024, we set off at 6:30 a.m. to catch the ferry to Banjul. We had planned plenty of time because we really wanted to catch the first ferry. Everything went perfectly. In Barre we bought something for breakfast. Our club leader, K. Gebhardt, always serves roasted goat in newspaper. After a quick snack, we drove to the village in two jeeps. The main road was very well developed and had place names on it. We weren't used to that. After about 30 minutes we turned onto a dusty side road that took us to Missiranding. After a few meters we heard singing and drumming. The women and children of Missiranding welcomed us warmly. It gave me goose bumps to see so many happy and grateful faces. It's hard to explain it in words, you have to see and feel it.

Two thirds of the area, 5 hectares, is already being cultivated by 100 families. And all of this without any tools such as tractors or machines. Every centimeter was worked and planted by hand. I was so overwhelmed by the garden. The first vegetable plants are already stretching towards the sun.

Afterwards, there were words of thanks from the person in charge of the garden, the village head and the village elders. As a gift, we received a sack of peanuts and a live goat. We had to bring these to our lodge by ferry. Our manager took them to Kitty in the evening, where they now live with a few sheep and are well looked after.

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